Muffler Services

When you consider that a car is propelled by a series of controlled combustion reactions, it's no wonder that they aren’t louder. A good muffler is what keeps our roads from becoming deafening.

The muffler works by dampening the sound produced by the engine. Legally, all vehicles are expected to have working mufflers. If there’s a problem with yours, you’ll want to take it in for muffler service as soon as possible. While you may want to enjoy the unadulterated roar of your engine, you risk being pulled over, as well as causing a safety issue for you and other drivers.

Whether you need repairs or new muffler installation, we can help with our expertise. Our shop is dedicated to mufflers, but we also fulfill other auto repair services such as brakes and exhaust. When you need muffler installation or repair, contact San Fernando Auto Center & Smog in Littlerock, CA to set up an appointment today!